Moscow Vegetarian Expo – Oct 1 & 2

Moscow Vegetarian Expo – Oct 1 & 2
26 September 2016

If it’s possible, I believe everyone I have ever met asked me this question as I prepared for my journey.  My commitment to vegetarianism was questioned so many times that I genuinely believed I would give in while abroad. I became convinced that the task of staying meatless in Russia would prove impossible. Either I would leave the country gaunt from under eating or much larger from overfilling on purely potatoes and cheese.  However, this could not be further from the truth.  Moscow is developing a vocal and thriving vegetarian community. Best of all, they love festivals! Last weekend was a celebration and showing of Vegan food, and there is more to come!

Next weekend, October 1-2 will be the National “Veg Expo” from 11:00-20:00 both days. The Expo is to be held at Экоцентр “Сокольники” (Exhibition and Ecology Center) 7А. There will be over 80 vendors of delicious, vegetarian (and often vegan) friendly food. This annual event attracts thousands, so be ready for a crowd! There will also be a comprehensive list of presentations from experts across the country, live music, activities for children and free yoga sessions! Even if you are a carnivore, this event will be a worthwhile perspective into the up and coming holistic movement in Russia.  Bring walking shoes, some cash and your appetite! Fair warning: There is an entrance fee of 200 roubles.


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This post was brought to you by Sam, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

Posted by Sam Cramer

Sam Cramer is currently studying Russian language at Liden & Denz Moscow. At university, Sam studied anthropology with a concentration in Central and Eastern European studies. She has been to Moscow once before, in 2012, and is very excited to be back! Sam is an avid tea drinker, dog lover and is known for having the loudest laugh in the room.

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