Why stay in a shared apartment with Liden and Denz Riga?

Why stay in a shared apartment with Liden and Denz Riga?
22 November 2023

Finding the right accommodation is a stress most students are well used to by now. Extortionate rent, unreliable landlords and insufferable flatmates can easily make your trip unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Throughout my experience both studying and interning with Liden and Denz, one thing has stood out is the quality of my shared flat experience. 

Here’s why should choose to stay in a shared flat whilst studying with Liden and Denz!

You meet people from all over the world. 

Whether it’s watching the Great British Bake Off with flatmates from the UK, crowding into the small flat kitchen to cook dinner together after a day of classes, or arguing in broken Russian over an accidental fire alarm, the experiences I have had living in the shared flat are some of the memories that I will treasure most of my time in Riga. 

As a previous student, Graham Dane, advised in his recent student interview, the best thing about learning a language like Russian is the people you meet on your travels and the lifelong friendships you create. Staying in a shared apartment has allowed me the flexibility to build such friendships with other students, alongside the comfort and privacy of having my own private room to either relax or focus on my studies. 

The best way to explore the city 

Situated in the suburbs of Riga, the shared apartment is a great option for those looking for accommodation that is just minutes away from the beating heart of Riga’s Old Town. A short walk away from the school, the flat is in an ideal area, close to stunning parks, a ton of coffee shops and restaurants and some of the best second-hand shopping in Europe. 

Perfect for all budgets 

One of the most affordable options for accommodation at Liden and Denz, the shared flat is made with both comfort and affordability in mind, ideal for both long and short stays. Thanks to the newest special offer introduced by Liden and Denz, it’s become all the more affordable, with up to 20% off on exclusive discounts on shared flats from 5th November to 5th February 2024. At only 176 EUR per week, it’s the perfect option for students of all budgets!

Staying in a shared apartment is one of the best decisions I’ve made in Riga. I’ve met incredible people from all over the globe, built lifelong friendships and had experiences I’ll never forget. 

Darcie Peters is currently a student at Liden and Denz, Riga.

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